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A Slut, A Weirdo, and An Impostor Walk Into A Bar: A Guide to Hate

Typography, street art, art activism with an aim of anti-bullying awareness, & fashion design have merged to bring Diesel back from the beyond. & just in time for Halloween.

All campaign images courtesy of RaRa PR.

All campaign images courtesy of RaRa PR.

You’ve likely heard about Diesel’s Hate Couture campaign by now, Hate Couture being a tongue in cheek reference to Haute Couture which this largely denim based collection is not. If anything like yours truly, you heard about it in connection with rapper Nicki Minaj, who’s been in headlines following an altercation at a Harper’s Bazaar “Icons Party” during New York Fashion Week.

Nicki Minaj in an anti-bullying campaign. What in the Regina George crying as she turns over the burn book????

But what you or I think about the involvement of a specific campaign collaborator can't overshadow the relevance of what’s being done - or the fact that the controversial pick has potential buyers buzzing. Also, Nicki’s visual for the campaign is FIRE.

diesel-haute-couture-campaign- diesel hate couture - nicki minaj - faux fur - bad guy - postmodern indigenous.jpg

So why is this campaign so relevant, and who for? The Hate Couture campaign is important because if you’re breathing right now, someone is judging you. On the day this article was drafted, hours were spent finalizing a short list of pitches, but it was the moment of scrolling over to Facebook via an open tab, that someone walking out of the cafe was heard asking, in the snootiest voice possible (see how easy it is to judge?), “Is she really on Facebook?

Analyzing this brand boosting campaign in the form of activist art (inspired by Diesel's classification as done by the fashion zeitgeist), the extremely well done visuals do draw you to the punk inspired pieces, the videos and still images come across like the most stylish PSA of all time, still, it's hard to escape the thought of a whole new generation chalking any and everything up to “haters”, unable to take criticism or responsibility for things they ought to, using being hated on as an excuse for harassment or harmful actions while expecting them to go unchecked.

diesel haute couture - diesel hate couture - nicki minaj.jpg

Of course, Diesel and this particular campaign can’t be blamed for that as a general; they certainly weren't at fault when a certain hotel heir and former reality TV star (not that one, the other one) went on repeated rants about the haters.

A moral lesson this is not however, so here are some additional details on a select who’s who of the Hate Couture campaign.

The Slut

Bella Thorne - slut - slut shaming - postmodern indigenous - diesel-haute-couture-campaign-4.jpg

Bella Thorne is totally in her wheelhouse here as she’s no stranger to speaking up about slut shaming. Considering there are plenty of people arguing for it, or against those arguing against it, so essentially for it… who don't seem to understand that the issue is men and women using the word to create harmful and sometimes dangerous narratives, and not whether or not women should be celebrated for having sex with whoever they choose, Postmodern Indigenous stands with Ms. Thorne.

The Weirdo

diesel-haute-couture-campaign- Miles Heizer - Weirdo - Denim Jacket - postmodern indigenous.jpg

Miles Heizer, Alex Standall of 13 Reasons Why, is quoted as saying for the campaign:

I’ve always had people refer to me as weird and it used to really hurt my feelings. They would use the word to describe my voice or my clothes or my sense of humor and I always found it very dismissive. But now I see it as a compliment.

The Impostor

diesel-haute-couture- Diesel Hate Couture - postmodern indigenous - gucci - imposter t shirt.jpg

Gucci Mane, who got in shape in prison as I hear people tend to do (makes sense, what else is there to do there - aside from the forced, unpaid work that is) has fallen victim to being called an impostor. In Eminem like fashion, there’s a buzzy base of fans working to keep alive the rumor that at some point, the artist was replaced by a lookalike; presumably by the record label. Look into these rumors if you’re ever looking for distraction, go deep down the rabbit hole, don't stop until you get to the Youtube documentaries on how the Beetles replaced Paul McCartney after he died in a car accident.

Evan Peters!

Although not an original part of the campaign, the American Horror Story actor released images for the campaign yesterday via Twitter. More images were released through Reddit. Here’s a favorite.

Evan Peters - Diesel - Hate Couture - Haute Couture - Postmodern Indigenous - Typography - Design.jpg

Thoughts? Chirp away.