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A Guide to Post Holiday Renewal

Whether you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, we can probably all agree that there is a collective weight lifted once the festive music & feasts are over.

After a rather nontraditional Christmas & Christmas Eve in downtown Dallas, a focus shifted to wrapping up the 4th quarter, thinking about what next year could look like… what the rest of this year should look like, a focus on how to get there seems appropriate.

That, for all intents & purposes, is what this is.

This, by the way, is a Guide to Post Holiday Renewal that’ll be updated daily through New Year’s Day. It is additional detail in correlation with the Post Holiday Renewal Kit, where you’ll be able to quickly scan a gallery of links to grant & residency applications, skin care essentials, recommended reading, & other curated resources for starting 2019 off in the most incredible way.

Placing as much emphasis on how we want to feel as what we want to do is an important part of what goes into selecting resources of any sort for the Post Holiday Renewal Kit. If you find there’s something you or a friend would benefit from, feel free to share, to reach out & say thanks, or to make recommendations along the way.

For the first entry into the Post Holiday Survival Kit, Postmodern Indigenous Curator, Writer & Editor, Ashley Jones, has looked to Bliss & Milk; the later an indie beauty brand & the cosmetics arm of New York based creative agency Milk, the former a UK import that made the bikini wax commonplace in the US & continues to offer warm chocolate chip cookies in all of their spa locations.

Postmodern Indigenous Recommends:

Image Credit: Julian Lozano

Image Credit: Julian Lozano

Today, Postmodern Indigenous is sharing something special from another select Postmodern Indigenous affiliate, TASCHEN.

Brilliant Basquiat

The book is filled with prints of what the publisher & art world at large deem Jean-Michel’s seminal paintings. Close looks at brush strokes & hand writing accompanied by essays on the artist, his work, & his time, written by Elanor Nairne who is the Barbican Gallery curator & a contributor to Boom for Real, another seminal, & current, piece on painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, streamable in its documentary version on Hulu (as of 12/28).

A personal recommendation… read it alongside Jennifer Clement’s Widow Basquiat. I got my copy from Bookmarc on Bleeker, you can get yours from an indie book store near you using this helpful database.

You’ll be way ahead of the game by NYE.